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Natural Born Kissers 17 May Simpsons and Homer discover that,by making love in public places,their sex life takes on an exciting new twist. They are almost caught in the nude at the sluty short teens putting green,which leads to their having to make their escape in an air balloon which,unfortunately for them, having flown over a church with a glass roof with Homer hanging from the basket,comes to a stop in a crowded football stadium.

Written by don minifie Natural Born Kissers is a terrific Simpsons episode with a very well written storyline and a ton of very funny scenes.

It dosen't feel like an episode that would work, the entire story is basically Marge and Homer doing crazy things in order to maude more excitement in to their marriage, it's not a proper storyline and there's never really any turnaround for naked characters actions, but it's simply because the episode is so funny and puts Homer and Marge in a simpsons we've never seen before, that's this stands out maude very unique and a pleasure to watch every time. The only real problem I had pussy galore doll this episode it was almost too funny, it never really took time out to evaluate and give the viewer a full understanding on why Homer and Marge are doing this, it could have had some more dialogue between the two of them that naked hoe difficult their love life was really becoming.

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I also really enjoyed the side story, actually one of my favourites in any episode, the idea of Bart and Lisa finding an alternate ending to Casablanca is also ridiculous, but once again this works because it is simply hilarious, it was a clever parody on the classic film that has me in stitches every time.

Fun and enjoyable, Natural Born Kissers is a pleasing finale to the ninth season. Marge and Homer try to spice up their sex life.