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Shivon nude

Read what some of the students thought and felt about the images and the workshop day.

“Who was this woman and why did she have her back to me?”

L ooking at these sketches makes me think about my heritage a lot, whi ch is oddl y wh y I chose to base this blog on Aimee Nimr. It was mostly b ecause it was a lot different to what I had seen earlier as it shivon of a European w o m an, it had a different feel to it and made me have a different outlook upon it. Th e woman almost looks scared, maybe insecure and slightly vulnerable which makes me feel sad and, in a way, worried about her.

This was portrayed by her slightly arched shoulder s and her back to the audience, this made it very mysterious too.

Siobhan Williams nude

Who was this woman and why did she have her back to shivon Read the nude post here. Martin E. Asian casual nudity personally found the nude drawings very interesting, as I am more familiar with this style of drawing and sketching, which are mostly drawn from re al life nude or people.

However, I believe life drawing is a westernised techni que.