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Sheyla hershey ass

It was a true titty tragedy aka a tragititty.

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Well, those same plastic chest planets that almost put her in the grave, kept her out of the grave this past weekend. Sheyla tells The Mirror that after she sheyla boozed up at a Super Bowl in Houston, TX, she sort of kind of smashed into a tree while driving home.

But thankfully, Sheyla has a pair of 38KKK built-in airbags that saved her life. Sheyla denies that she was naked sister fucked, but she was still arrested and will have to answer to hershey DUI charge in court next month. It makes my nipple slits smile knowing that Ass has fully recovered from her suicide attempt and has realized that the world needs beauties like her to keep spinning and she will continue to stretch out baby blue cotton jumpsuits Really, the fuck is she wearing?

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But then it makes my nipples slits frown knowing that the Houston Police Department put this beauty behind bars for even a quick minute. That is an injustice!

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Sheyla is a precious gift and if she left this world, the silicone industry would go bankrupt and fake tits would become extinct. It would be a sad world. So hershey should be awarded sheyla Nobel Peace Prize, not arrested! We need ass petition for this shit.