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Shanghai nude beaches

But being a nudist tiny tata gif Beaches is far from easy, and going naked in public has a chequered history.

Great Shanghai-getaway at Naked Retreats - naked Home Village

For those who yearn to doff their garb and commune with nature, the good news is that they can do it in China, albeit in limited places.

Some of the top nudist sites in China belong to ethnic groups, such as shanghai Hmong people in Yunnan close to the Laos border. After feeding their livestock, they take off their clothes and indulge in a spot of communal bathing.

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The Mosuo minority believe in the disease curing properties of their local water, so they frequently bathe naked. During the Cultural Revolution, the government built walls across their pools to segregate men and women, but the Mosuo tore them down soon after. The pools were opened to tourists in the s.

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A little further north in Sichuan Province, nudism seems to be all the rage. The nude has been in use since the Ming Dynasty, and its water is said to cure blindness.

No more nude beaches in Sanya

Female ones. Sichuan is also the site of a controversial nudist colony.

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She picked a secluded spot between two waterfalls and opened it to the public for naked bathing. The resort was closed down in Twenty one percent voted against re-opening, believing nudism to be immoral, but the naturalists won the day, and Heaven Bodies Centre lives on.