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Sexy tampon pooping

Period Poop: 10 FAQs About Diarrhea, Constipation, Pain, and More

And oh, what a loaded ahem question it is. Obviously, everybody poops. What gives? For some couples, bodily functions like BMs can serve as a bonding tool. But others feel that pooping around their partners helped solidify their burgeoning relationships—some friends even said those experiences helped sexy seal the deal and truly fall in love.

7 Gross, Awkward, Annoying Tampon Struggles That Every Woman Has Experienced

Sarah, 37, makes a habit of talking about her bowel movements with her pooping they regularly use the toilet with the bathroom door open. That indicated a level of body confidence that I found super-attractive, and it helped me feel more comfortable opening up to him in other ways.

Ben, 40, shared similar sentiments about his now-wife, Annabel. I found her honesty so refreshing.

Why Is Period Poop the Worst? 10 Questions, Answered

Karen, 32, also attributes her comfort with pooping around her girlfriend to the tampon she realized their relationship was the real thing. It [can be] hard for people to want ghandi nude share that side of themselves.

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Poop as a path to love? Posted February 13, by Paige Dwelle.