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Sexy stripwrestling

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Sexy in sweat from her pre-match workout, a long kata sexy of agonizingly slow isotonic movements and precise isometric stances, she beckons you over for a "friendly" strip-wrestling match. She's even offered to give you a headstart, as it appears her forceful exercise has caused a slight wardrobe malfunction.

Never a dull moment with a friend like her.

Mature Content

You already know how this is going to stripwrestling, but you try anyway to delude yourself; how hard can it be to rip a flimsy piece of fabric stripwrestling her. But of course karishma kapor porno already know, it will be as hard as she wants it to be. She won't stop until you're completely helpless and too aroused nakedandaffrade think; then she'll make you spend hours worshiping every inch of her Olympian physique.

To the uninitiated, it looks as though she's humiliating you, but you both know the truth. This is as much for you as it is for her. No comments have been added yet.