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Joan Crawford. The idea of a sexy Santa, and egypt hijab nude chimney pose in particular, was established as a pin-up trope as early as the s.

The History of the Sexy Santa Costume

Modeling here is a young Joan Crawford, seen long before her wire hanger days. If you've been naughty this year, God help you. Bette Davis.

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A fun Santa story about Bette Davis adorable and far, far away from scandalous: When she was a girl in boarding school, she dressed up as a not-sexy Santa for a Christmas santa. A candle set her beard on fire, burning sexy a superficial layer of skin and game her trademark pale complexion. It was a white Christmas indeed.

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Thanks, pyrotechnics. Virginia Gray. It isn't supersaturated in Santa-ness, but Virginia's showing quite a bit of skin for that era.