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The Enterprise Incident (episode)

We'd like to start this off by thanking Star Trek: Voyager for not giving us a reason to put it on this list. With Captain Janeway, Chief Engineer Torres, and Seven of Nine on the ship, we don't have much to call out - okay, Seven of Nine's outfit was problematic, but she transcended it.

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Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond gets a shout-out too, for being such a kick-ass character. The worst culprit, unsurprisingly, is the original series, which was written porn hinata produced in the s.

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While we give it a break for being very much a product of its time, that doesn't make it any less fun to point out some of its really unfortunate choices when it came to women.

Here are the parameters: We're not complaining about sexy woman, or sex in general; we like sex in general. Kirk himself was treated as a sex object multiple times, The Next Generation put men in some memorably skimpy outfitsand frankly, we have romulan objections sexy our intrepid crews get some action. It's not sexiness that's the issue here; it's sexism.