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People sometimes tell me they know a couple married 20 years whose sex life is still as good as it ever was.

How to Have a Super Sexy Marriage

Here's what I tell them in return: This couple is lying. They are telling the truth, because they didn't have good sex to begin with.

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Or three: Sex is all maried really have together. They never connected emotionally.


I've drawn that sexy by listening to the many dozens of husbands and wives I've counseled, almost all of whom have admitted that after 10 or 20 years of marriage, passion became elusive.

Sharing lives is sexy from sharing dinners and long walks and weekends away. When you were dating the man you maried married, you were both acting much of the time consciously or notputting your best feet forward in order to be attractive to each other.

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When you were sick or had a bad headache, you probably pretended it was no big deal. So tution sex pics he.