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Naruto Next Generations.

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The time sexy between these two chapters of the franchise was just about a decade. A lot can happen in 10 years. The Naruto generation all grew up, launched their careers, and started families. Sasuke started a family of his own in between going on missions, visiting female countries, and trying to make up for the terrible things he did in his youth. In addition to starting a relationship with his biggest supporter, Sasuke also sasuke a lot of time saving lives in the shadows.

The duo gave it their all, and in the end, both men lost an arm. Naruto eventually had a prosthetic made for himself, but Sasuke opted not to have one.

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Interestingly, before he left Konohagakure, Sakura pointed out that one was already being made for him. There are a lot of theories about why he made that decision.

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He learned how to use one-handed seals, and naruto pain porno accomplished plenty without both limbs. Defecting from the village and training with Orochimaru initially made him an enemy.

His decision to help the shinobi world bought him some favor, though, and officials released him.