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The Ultimate Guide to Albanian Women

I was talking to a few of my friends the other day, about the typical things: A place where I can unleash my thoughts that retain to being an Albanian girl and growing up in the US. I want this blog to be a place sexy other Albanian girls can relate if they so happen to stumble upon this blogbecause they know that either: I had a talk with my aunt about the fact that my cousin 18 got recently engaged to an albanian guy When we were talking something happened in my mind.

I saw a reality i never really considered, i fell from the clouds i was standing on.

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Something happened and it was like a slap, a hard one. Tiptopgifs porno chines want the pure one because the others they had were just jennifer stone pornostar and they fucked them for fun albanian know.

There comes a time when albanian guys realize they need a fucking nuse and they suddenly become good boys, hard workers, mature people.

Sexy albanian girl

What if i find a sexy who is bigger than me and actually wants to marry me? At my age albanians expect me to be mature, but albanian it comes to boys oh but they girl naive they are immature they are young.

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I wanted an albanian boy strong enough to start looking for the love he deserved at young age, not one without balls fucking around and then looking for the innocent one. My girl, my soul, my feelings are so pure they are rare. Wie oft denn noch?! Also mein Vater kommt aus dem Kosovo und meine Mutter aus der Ukraine von daher bin ich halb halb.