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Awkward Movie Sex Scenes: ‘Watchmen’

Anyone else find that highly unnecessary and hilarious? In the background there was that Alleluia song, that was hilarious.

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Then when the orgasms came the watchmen came out of the ship: I mean come on, highly unnecessary and I think sex movie would have been better without it, it was like a soft core porno for a little bit. The same exact thing happened in sex graphic novel except it didn't go on for 3 minutes and it wasn't played for laughs.

Sex & Nudity (18)

It's an important part of the book too since it shows that the people have serious image issues and can only watchmen it up if they're in their costumes. Laurie even says stacey owen porn the book "was it the costumes that made it good, Dan?

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I know what you mean, a lot of sex scences aren't needed in movies. They can do fine without them.

When Sex Scenes Go Wrong: Zack Snyder's Watchmen :: Movies :: Watchmen :: Paste

Even though I haven't seen Watchmen but I'm laughing at the idea of an over played out sex scene being played out to Hallelujah. We didn't say there was I havent seen but heard of it. Sounds like its the kind of thing that would get people talking in order to increase sales