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Tupper Sex

Meetings can be held at home, business premises, hair salons, beauty salons, gyms… The advisers sells erotic items and brings latest market developments directly to the customer without having to move. The tuppersex meetings are usually held at the hostess home; she invites her friends to see the latest developments in sex erotic market, sex toys, cosmetics, lingerie… The adviser arrives trade the hostess home with her friends and explains in an entertaining and enjoyable way everything related to the sector.

Once the environment is fucking korean nurse and the meeting is held, the host and her friends make their purchases directly nude hung women her home without having to move.

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Ideally, groups between 8 and More people will break the environment and if there are less than 8 we will have fewer toys to sell more. Vibrators are the number 1 item par excellence, but you have to supplement it with more items such as massage oils, aphrodisiacs, enhancers, trade vibrators, stimulators… It would be perfect to have 40 items for variety and to be able to offer an assortment that we can help you select from our experience. Up to two hours.

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With monthly meetings, you toys get a pretty good profit: On our website you can place your order and have it delivered to your home in less than 24 hours, that is to say, you offer the possibility to your clients to have their package delivered within 24 hours. We offer several possibilities; we have a catalogue in pdf, which can be downloaded from our sex www.