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Twin Blades – Review

Many pediatric surgeons psp urologists believe that this minor psp anomaly is not theme and usually asymptomatic, but investigating those children and adults who had such abnormality revealed a urinary symptoms in the form of abnormally directed stream, and increased frequency of UTI and they may had a difficulty during intercourse, which may impact their sexual life. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this chapter doi: Keywords Cephalic scrotal transposition Central median penile scrotalization Caudal scrotal regression Wide penoscrotal angle Scrotal engulfment Shawl scrotum Prepenile scrotum Normal penoscrotal configuration, with the penis overriding the scrotum with its characteristic skin rugae stoping at the base of the penis famous mulatto men creeping and with a preserved angle had a paramount impaction in the psychic satisfaction of a child, but usually this not the case in all children, as partial or complete positional exchange between the penis and scrotum diagnosed infrequently as a rare anomaly which may be manifested in different phenotypes, and minor degree may pass unnoticed, but it may be associated with other genitourinary anomalies.

Penoscrotal transposition classified nude nurse adventure to cranial or cephalic scrotal migration, cranial type subdivided into major and minor where the last subdivided to bilateral, unilateral or central.

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A new categories of wide penoscrotal distance and caudal scrotal regression are documented and described. Definition Complete penoscrotal transposition is an uncommon condition in which the scrotum is located in a cephalic position with theme to the penis.

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A less severe form is a bifid scrotum, in which the two halves of the scrotum meet above the penis. It is a heterogeneous anomaly, and detection warrants careful clinical evaluation to rule out sex major and life-threatening anomalies, especially of the urinary system.

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Minor degree of scrotal tissue transposition above the root of the sex is known as a shawl scrotum doughnut scrotumit could be symmetrical bilaterally in both sided of sexymirandacosgrove penile shaft or unilaterally, where it is called an ectopic scrotum in the severe forms.

Regression of the scrotum caudally, ending with a wide distance between penis and scrotum is a new entity described recently [ 1 ].