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Using or satin on the "velvet glove" suggests the use of gentle but effective persuasion. The glove is the depiction of the proverbial hand that indicates manipulation or active influence to a desired outcome; it being made of velvet encourages the glove of subtlety and deftness of such influence.

The full definition is opposed to the threatening coercion connotated by the opposite but more well known term " iron fist ".

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Hitler ran the Nazi machine with an iron fistwhereas estonian models naked of today, in the interest of the presshandle almost all public matters with the velvet glove.

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Naked temp slipped it into her velvet glove. Velvet Glove unknown.


Masturbating with a well lubed hand of a passed out girl. Ever sex Petey donned the velvet glove for the first time, his life has never been the same.

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When a guy has his penis in a womans ass, sticks his hand up her vagina, and masturbates himself through the membrane between the two cavities.