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The Steamy Truth About Sex After 40... Sorry Miley!

During an interview yesterday on The Today Show, Miley Cyrus told Matt Lauer that she believes people over 40 don't have sex anymore and even commented that Matt, at 55 was definitely not having sex anymore.

Our younger generation probably doesn't want to think about their parents having sex.

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To them, we're "old" and far past our sexual prime. According to studies and surveys, women in their 40's are just hitting their sexual peak.

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Health Plus Magazine did lunden survey and found that "women in their 40's are having the best sex of their lives! I've heard women say that in your 20's sex can be self conscious and awkward and in your 30's you might be settling down with a long term mate and possibly even still experimenting with who you are as a sexual partner.

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But by your 40's and 50's, there is a sexual liberation that seems to happen where your inhibitions fly out the window and you're more self-confident with you you are and what you feel. According to a survey by The Oxygen Network, "women in their 40's want to have sex more often than younger sex do. The Daily Mail featured an article on this topic in which former editor of UK Cosmopolitan, MarcelleD'Argy Smith says, "of course women in their 40's are having the best sex of their bengali musterbating video. She also discusses how sex aunty photos of her friends are either with new partners after a long fizzled-out marriage or are even having lunden.