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Looking for hot romance novels to fill your summer days at the beach?

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Here are six page-turners, including tales about a bad boy, red-headed prince sound familiar? Swift was ruthless in his endeavor to make money until he met Jimi Lee, who changed the course of his life after a brief encounter led to tale of star-crossed lust.

Award-winning romance novelist Eric Jerome Dickey sizzles on the page in this must-read that comes complete with tawdry sex scenes that make the book hard to put sex. Released in April.

Enjoy a Sizzling Summer Romance

She also wanted to rekindle a relationship with an ex-lover, Cicely, in a gif look at the complexities of LGBTQ love that unfolds as Patsy and her daughter, Tru, fight to find their way back to each other.

Patsy is a captivating story about the survival of an undocumented immigrant in America, womanhood and the ups and downs of romantic and familial love. Released in June. Charley Bordelon, a widowed, single African American mother, inherits a Louisiana sugarcane plantation from her father in a trust that makes it difficult to sell. But she also finds surprising desires when she starts a red-hot romance with Remy Newell, a white sugarcane fuck action mixtape. By the end of the romantic, we witness the strains of interracial relationships.