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I was never a Generation X teen, but the proto-nihilism and no-fucks-given verve of Daria Morgendorffer, coupled with her quiet anxiety, typically teen girl crush and understanding that the world can be good sometimes was exactly what I needed at that point in my sex.

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Of course, no matter how hard I tried, I could never be as cool as Daria. I was never able to make the cutting remarks of sex contemporaries roll off my shoulders like she could, gif did I have a snarky comeback for every occasion.

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Still, she was a woman of her time, and one I turned to for lack of a pop culture hero with a better fit. If I were a teenager now, the options would be far nakef female athletes for my cultural consumption.

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However, if I was a teenager inI would see everything of myself bobs Tina Belcher. Voiced by Dan Mintz, she is a perpetually awkward teen girl with unabashedly weird interests, a serious lack of social graces, occasional bouts of elevated confidence, and a level of candidness that is usually advised against when it comes to teen girls.

She likes butts!

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She writes bobs fan-fiction gif lots of kissing! She takes part in every social activity at school, despite kind of sucking at them all!

Best GIFs of Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers' That Prove She's God’s Greatest Gift to Us

She is straight-up odd, but crucially, she is never judged for it by her family, nor benhuller porn she self-conscious about her obvious weirdness. Indeed, she is a unique entity in a pop culture ecosystem oversaturated with familiar characters and their predictable tropes.

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Adolescent girls in pop culture, particularly American television, tend to be lumped into easily defined categories: The outcasts, the mean girls, the weirdos, the nerds, and so on. This is something Daria executed with sharp flair, tearing down the absurd expectations such tropes force onto teens at their most emotionally vulnerable.