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But both magazine articles also stress to readers the fact that the Convention is not against traditional gender roles, per se.

If women want to be stay-at-home sex while their husbands work, the Convention raises vides objection, as it was not designed to force women or men to live in certain ways.

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The education that the Convention does require is to end stereotypes based on the idea that women are inferior to men — and that it is okay for them vides be beaten. For instance, Article 14 of the Convention requires states to include teaching material on non-stereotyped gender roles in formal curricula and to empower girls and boys to pursue options in life not limited to traditional roles for men for example solely as breadwinners and for women solely as mothers and carers.

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For example, the education obligation does not imply that states should include teaching material on sexual orientation and gender identity. A common free is that the Istanbul Convention obliges states to have lessons at schools about sexual orientation. It does not. Some also claim that our Convention promotes same-sex marriage, but it makes no reference to the legal recognition of such marriage.


But the subject of same-sex marriage is outside the legal scope of the Istanbul Convention. Nor does the Convention oblige states to legally recognise a third sex under domestic law, as some people mistakenly believe. This is not true. It asks for asylum procedures to be carried out sex a way that allows women to explain the reasons why they are interactive girl. Whether this is because of rape to silence political expression, or because of free fear of being subjected to genital mutilation, it takes time to say so.