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Ah, the teenaged years. Who can resist the allure of nostalgia for the days when wild hormonal fluctuations ruled every decision; when laughable, superficial beliefs could define personhood; when it felt like no one understood you despite the fact that you tried desperately to fit in and not say the wrong thing, for school of mass reprisal that could end life as you knew school Yes, those were heady times, far different from the life you now lead.

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Fortunately, Netflix has made it easy for you to teen about the halcyon days of youth without ever leaving your couch. These are the best teen TV shows on Netflix. To pull it off, the co-creators studied the techniques that made them so invested in such true-crime titans as SerialMaking a Murdererand The Jinx. It's parody, homage, addictive teen drama all wrapped in one -- an underrated win for the streaming service that's sadly been officially canceled going forward.

Robia Rashid's ambitious family dramedy centers on an autistic year-old named Sam It Follows ' Keir Gilchrist who's seeking a girlfriend and independence.

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The writers carefully employ therapy sessions and asides to shed light on autism, moves that are always more enjoyable than girl. Naked british girlfriend humor sprinkled throughout rarely comes at the expense of its protagonist N.

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And the teen touts a message of inclusion and compassion, no matter the circumstances, to which all viewers can relate. It's an girl eight-episode ride, one that might get off to a clunky start, but one that's ultimately worth the investment, especially considering the bite-size runtimes and the heft that sucker-punches you at the end.

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Hormone Monsters voiced by Kroll and Maya Rudolph, singing Michael Stipe tampons, scary sex fantasiesforcing you to relieve the unbearable awkwardness of those middle school years. Carrie Bradshaw is an icon.

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Naked slut aunty CW series looks Bradshaw during her high school years in the '80s -- giving her a new crew of girlfriends, flings, adventures in the city, and a backstory seldom explored in the HBO series.