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A lot of parents do because they think it treats girls unfairly. Frankly, I see their point.

Breast Development During Puberty: Problems, Sizes, How to Choose a Bra, and Many More!

Of course, dress codes school an important role in preparing kids for the world outside of high school. Michelle thorne anal had a sunburn and decided that it was too painful to wear a bra so she wore an oversized Calvin Klein shirt instead. At school, she was pulled out of her fifth breasts class because her breasts were allegedly distracting to other students, which was teen official violation of the dress code, and that boys had been laughing at her.

Instead of talking to the boys about bullying and talking to Martinez and her mom about what the school deems appropriate attire, the dean insisted that she put on another shirt to cover her nipples, so she did. Then the dean asked her to do something appalling — she asked Martinez to stand up, move and jump around so that she could see how much her breasts moved.

Breast development during puberty: a meticulous guide to your chest

Martinez was mortified but did as she was told. Martinez went to the bathroom and cried because she was so humiliated.

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After the fact, the school released a statement saying that the situation was handled incorrectly, Cosmopolitan reports.