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Anthony PadillaIan Hecoxvarious scary movie characters, very hungry people.

The 15 Best Topless Moments In Mainstream Horror Movies

True Story 2. Were Real series. Scary movies are shown how scary they would be if they were actually realistic. Anthony and Ian are watching a zombie movie, and Ian complains that zombie movies aren't that fun to watch.


Anthony tells Ian to imagine how stupid scary movies would be if they were actually realistic. Adam Anthony is in the bathroom, facecumcasting for help.

He notices that a dead guy, Jigsaw Iannext to him is still breathing. The "dead" guy replies by saying, "Damn it!

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Anthony throws water at an alien. The alien laughs and ridicules Anthony for thinking water was their weakness, saying, "You humans are stupider than I thought! Marion Crane is seen nude a shower, girl a shadow appears behind the thin girl topless curtain.

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