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YouTube Tammy Lynn Leppert. The young and beautiful Tammy Girls Leppert was at the start of a promising modeling and acting career in the early s.

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Blonde and hazel-eyed, she had first begun modeling in beauty pageants at the age of four and had taken home over crowns. Inshe had begun appearing in movies.

She is probably most recognizable for a small part as a female scarface in the movie Scarfacethough she also appeared as a boxing match scarface in the film Spring Break. She was just eighteen and had wanted to continue her acting career by moving to Hollywood that year, but sadly those dreams were never realized.

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Just prior to her disappearance, her mother testified that she had been acting strangely and appeared to be under emotional distress. Naked days into shooting the film Scarfaceshe had returned back home and was behaving so erratically her mother took her to the hospital to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Tammy Lynn Leppert

According to her mother, she seemed paranoid and nervous, refusing to eat or drink xxxsexgame of open containers, and constantly suspicious that someone was out to hurt her. Most notably, on the morning she disappeared, she had not combed her hair before naked the house, which her mother said was very out of character for her.

She had gone out with an unidentified male friend, who was the last person to see her alive. He reported that the two of them had gotten into an argument, and kajol sex clip dropped her off alone at a parking lot near an Exxon gas station off State Girls A1A in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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She was last seen wearing a blue denim skirt and blue shirt with flower appliquesa gray purse, and sandals.