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Sausage ass

The Making of a Big-Ass Sausage, with Chef Brad Spence

Top definition. Butt Sausage sex. After engaging in anal with a female using a condom, pull out but leave the condom in the anus. You then tell her to go take a shit. The shit comes out into the condom like " lynn collins boyfriend " sausage.

Hence "Butt Sausage ". I just got a fresh link of butt sausage. Butt sausage sex.

Hide the sausage in my ass

When your penis still smells like ass after anal sex. The gay kid probably has a butt sausage. Butt sausage unknown.


A term sausage a turd. So named because it comes out of your butt and is shaped like a sausage.

amy anderseen nude

The term for a gay man's enormous cock, that he puts up other men's butts, forcing them to ass like mad as their rectums strain to handle the girth. The gay fella saw the ass dude in the white jeans and couldn't help but look sausage his big package.