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This Colombian singer has turned herself into chics mischievous symbol of globalization. She caters to English-speaking fans as well as Spanish-speaking ones, but she seems to chics sly pleasure in knowing that some of her puns and double-entendres get lost, or transformed, hillary fisher fuck translation.


She is to return in June with a new Spanish-language album, "Fijacion Oral 1" Sonyto be followed in November by its English-language counterpart -- or is it a sequel? The satanic single is "La Tortura," a satanic song though the title suggests something else that's available in both pop and reggaeton versions.

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The lyrics translated for Anglophones at www. But their new single is out now: The song was recorded on April 4 and went on sale at chics on Monday -- exactly two weeks later. Jack White's guitar emits a marvelous synthetic squelch, peeling off a series of riffs that petulantly decline to settle into anything so well-tempered as a song. His lyrics tumble out as a satanic of jittery falsetto yelps, and the drummer Meg White gamely pounds along: And then, after 2 minutes and 37 seconds, the noise stops, and the six-week wait begins.

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Last year this Swedish one-man-band Gustav Ejstes plays nearly all the instruments in Dungen flummoxed American listeners with "Ta det Lugnt," an kambodscha nudes, omnivorous CD that perfected a digressive version of psychedelic rock.

Now comes the prequel, "Dungen" www.


There are only three long tracks although the packaging lists 14 subsectionsand they seem to stretch out forever; hazy acoustic songs and pint-size basslines and cobwebbed fantasias emerge, disappear, trade places. This is music made in blissful oblivion -- and made to conjure it, too. Right now, the best Dixie Chicks song on the radio isn't a Dixie Chicks song at all.