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March 9, How accurate is all that crazy behind-the-scenes dialogue?


As seems to happen with virtually every political docudrama, questions about accuracy and sexy girls cuming agenda have arisen around the project. Words have been flying back and forth between supporters of Ms.

At the same time, filmmakers say, the purpose of drama is to create a meaningful narrative, not a history lesson. Their relationship to real people sara events palin always more complex than the words "accuracy" or "fair" suggest, he adds. Still, they robustly defend the reliability of their research.

Sarah Palin Turned Down Offer To Cooperate On HBO's 'Game Change', Director Says

These interviews were in addition to what he sara a careful reliance on the book on which the film is based. Strong said. Actress Julianne Moorewho portrays Palin, also defends the authenticity of her process. The producers of the film maintain that the scene is historically accurate, but palin filmmaker John Ziegler doubts this.

'Game Change': How accurate is the movie about Sarah Palin?

The media, he adds, gave Palin a raw deal back in film This debate over political and historical films will no doubt continue, says Syracuse University popular-culture expert Robert Thompsonbecause the stakes are high. Film a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.