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‘Rugrats’ Gets Nickelodeon Revival, Live-Action Film From Paramount Players

It's not that Sony will ever betray porntube free videos hardcore market, not by any means, it's just that Rugrats is important on a whole new level. It's a game based on an immensely popular cartoon, it's now a full-motion picture in theaters nationwide, and it's a videogame.


Cross marketing with Burger King and several other well-placed companies puts Rugrats in hardcore perfect position to score hugely in every way possible. Sony should truly be proud of THQ's key title.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar - Wikipedia

Except for the small fact that Rugrats suffers from some shameful gameplay fundamentals that make it rugrats rough and painful experience. Rugrats is a full 3D platform game starring all of your favorite characters, including Tommy, Angela, Grandpa, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Spike, and the rest of the gang.

You can play with either digital or analog controls, and both work well. In fact, analog is preferable and real hjailbait cameltoe done. You'll encounter several different show-based levels, such as hardcore Grandpa's teeth, playing tag, zapping aliens, experiencing the dark depths of the supermarket, and rescuing Cynthia's boat from the sewer with Spike.

16 Times 'Rugrats' Proved It's The Most Underrated Cartoon From Your Childhood

There are 10 basic levels with six bonus ones opening up later, and you'll experience easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels in your toddler-perfect world.

The gameplay elements are fun enough, and there's no doubt that it's fun as hell just tottering around as the Rugrats characters themselves.


They're funny, too. They'll say little rugrats along the way, which make the often mediocre levels a little more entertaining. Graphically, the game is plain and simple. Basic, repetitive textures and Gourard shading dictate the way Rugrats looks, and it comes off well.