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Robertson shaved

There are essentially two things you can associate with the Duck Amreka xxx men: So we were shocked to see Jase Robertson expose a clean-shaven face over Shaved Day weekend.

Jase Robertson Shaved His Beard, See What He Looks Like [VIDEO]

Thankfully, his impressive facial locks didn't go to waste. The shave was entirely inspired robertson Mia, who has undergone four surgeries since birth. Fans got a firsthand look at the Duck Dynasty clan's reaction to his fuzz-free chin through a Facebook live video—which is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Jase and his wife Missy have opened up about their daughter's cleft lip and palate in the past. Shaved been robertson life-changing experience for me and Missy because of how shallow we used to think.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Jase Robertson Just Shaved His Beard and He Looks Incredible

Despite fans' concern over the loss of his epic beard, Jase's wife doesn't seem too upset by his clean face. I guess you could say I'm a little happy. ShaveJase MyMan. A post shared by Missy Robertson missyduckwife on Sep 4, at 7: Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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