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This week, the Road is featuring Escapades, a series of journeys by adventurous women. My friend Nancy and I had been sitting in a trip shop in New Orleans for about 15 minutes when we noticed the man staring at us.

We smoked a few Parliament Lights, drank our coffee, and ignored him.

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It was early in the summer of I was 19 and Nancy was 20, and we fuckedpakistanigirls used to attracting a certain kind of attention from men — mostly older, always a bit off-kilter — that felt both empowering and unsettling. Maybe it was something about our mix of innocence and bravado.

Nude Road Trip: Your Clothing-Optional Checklist

Finally he came over. He sat down without being asked and opened up an overstuffed black portfolio.

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His photos were all black-and-white, and all of naked women. Sometimes they were posing with nude