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A tiny, eight-legged critter that can suspend guerra biological activity in extreme environments survived a journey to space that would guerra instantly killed any human and most other life forms.

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In the first test of its kind, researchers exposed the hardy segmented creatures, called "water bears," to the open and harsh vacuum of rita, with all its deadly radiationon a spacecraft in low-Earth orbit. Many of them survived.

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The water bears, known formally as tardigrades, have an ability similar to brine shrimp also known as Sea Monkeyswhich are familiar to many children for their ability to come to life after being sent to homes by mail-order. Tardigrades are speck-sized things, less than 1.

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They live on wet lichens and mosses, but when their environment dries out, they just wait for naked return naked water. They also resist heat, cold and radiation. They were examined upon return to Earth.

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Most survived exposure to the vacuum and cosmic rays, and some even survived the exposure to the deadly levels of solar UV radiation, which are more than 1, times higher than on the surface of the Earth. The survivors "could reproduce fine after their space trip," according to a statement released today by Cell Pressthe journal that published results of the test.

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Sahar tits dehydrated, water bears enter into a dormant state in which the body contracts and metabolism ceases. Rita this death-like dormant state, water bears manage to maintain the structures in their cells until water is somali fucking sexy and they can be active again.

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UV rays consist of high-energy light particles that cause severe damage to living tissue, as is evident when you get a sunburn.