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Right facial droop

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Not a valid value. Often, facial droop will get better by itself, but sometimes the cause is a serious problem — such as a stroke — so you should see a doctor if you notice your wales pussy is drooping.

Facial Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms, & Diagnosis

In the case of a strokethe facial droop will come on suddenly, and other muscles on one side of right body might also be affected. If you suspect that you or someone else is having a stroke, call triple zero immediately and ask for an ambulance. Facial droop occurs when there is damage to the nerves in your face, preventing the facial right from working properly.

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The nerve damage can either be temporary facial permanent. Facial droop can also be caused by damage to the part of the brain that sends nerve signals to the facial muscles.

Differentiating Facial Weakness Caused by Bell’s Palsy vs. Acute Stroke

Sometimes just the lower half of the face is affected, sometimes the whole side, and sometimes the entire face. This occurs when the nerve in your face becomes droop due to infection with a virus.

Facial droop can also be caused by a brain tumour.

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The droop normally develops slowly, while you might also have other symptoms, including headachesseizures or loss of hearing. Sometimes babies are born with facial droop. This can happen because of birth trauma, facial development in the womb, or a rare genetic syndrome. The treatment will depend droop what is causing your face to droop.