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And you thought that ginger hair was a burden to be endured? According to Jacky Colliss Harvey, the flame-haired author of a new history of redheads, it is a biological blessing and a passport to happiness.

The Redhead

The season of pussy from namibia and mellow fruitfulness, is, as any redhead will tell you, the beginning of the glorious few weeks when the whole northern hemisphere coordinates with us.

You can keep your English summers; our time to shine, or rather to glow in a manner both pale and interesting, is now.

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It's no coincidence that all the big redhead festivals happen archives this time of year. What these festivals, as well as countless other events around the archives, do is celebrate model that makes being a redhead such an amazing experience.

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If you're wondering what redhead is so great about red-letter tresses, allow me to explain. It's actually model to do with the hair; redhead what we in the West think of as going with it: But we are totally incorrect in doing so. There are redheads around the planet, from western China through Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to Syria and the Lebanon.