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Commentator Robin Washington recounts a time when students were required to topless stickam girls swimming lessons in public but at his school, students had to swim naked. With high temperatures across the country, it's easy to want to wear as little as possible.


But commentator Robin Washington warns, be careful what you wish for. During swimming class in high school, he was required to wear school most revealing and drafty garment of all: Did you ever dream that you were completely naked in front of dozens of people?

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I'm reminded of that after hearing the University of North Carolina is getting rid of its swimming requirement. It's one of the last universities to do so. Good for them, but if Carolina students think their role is tough, they should've been with me in high school, in Chicago, in the s.

At dear old Lane Tech, or any public high school, swimming was absolutely required, naked.

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What, I can hear most nude you saying.