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MTV pulled their Pretty Little Mamas reality pretty from the air late last year after just two episodes due to disappointing ratings.

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The network later made the surprise young that they were going to repackage the show as an official addition to the Teen Mom franchise under the new moms Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. Not good. Not good at all.

Teen Mom Young Moms Club premiere ratings lower than Pretty Little Mamas premiere

The Pretty Little Mamas premiere on August 30 brought in justviewers with a premium time slot right after Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This time around, the remodeled show premiered after its sister series Teen Mom 2 on Monday night and managed to bring in onlyviewers. I should point out girl pussy stretched the numbers might be lower than a typical premiere because the show technically aired in another form before.

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On a positive note, I watched the Teen Mom: The result was a much more relatable and sympathetic cast. So, will Teen Mom: MTV could bring in more viewers and advertising dollars by re-airing Teen Mom 2 or showing a Ridiculousness rerun, so the prognosis is not good.