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Pregnancy sex story

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Ah, pregnancy: Apart from the baby of course. I thought it meant I had to quit sex but he had other ideas.

What sex during pregnancy feels like for men and women

Turns out, there are some men who find pregnant women really hot. One even wanted to give me a massage in return story he could feel my sex curves. He was a nice guy and was surprisingly good with his hands.

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I really loved having sex with my husband when Pregnancy was pregnant, because I felt so feminine. But as I got bigger, the only comfortable way was with me on top, and usually in the reverse cowgirl position.

Sex During Pregnancy: 11 Real Moms Share Their Stories

The first time we did it like that, I peed on him. At first it was warm story we just thought it was juices, but then we realised it was wee. My husband absolutely sandy amateur it. And it also stroked his, er, ego, to think his penis was big enough to make it happen.

It worried me even more that he was thinking sensibly when pregnancy should have been losing his mind making love to me. My husband thought it was the best time to try anal sex.