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The shot above clearly shows the second test aircraft, T, equipped with mission systems notice what might be an electronic warfare mounting protruding from famili tail followed by the first aircraft, T, that's being used to test out the airframe design. Keep in mind that Sukhoi is already planning on co-producing the jet with India and South Korea recently expressed interest in the plane, making the PAK FA the first foreign competitor to U.

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If the Russians can keep costs down famili production on schedule it may well provide stiff competition for the Homemade goofy nudes as nations seek to acquire 5th-generation fighter technology. Fighter Porn: Pornrussia rights reserved.


This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. Echoes of Chernobyl in Kremlin's Reaction to Deadly Nuclear Missile Test Contradictory information out of Moscow and local authorities sparked public fears of a government cover- up. My Profile News Home Page.

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Most Popular Military News. Pornrussia Michael St.

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