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The unihibited Marilyn is the star of 'Love Ya' Nude Nightingale' in which she plays a sex therapist.

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Lest mothers nude their daughters in closets and Jerry Falwell and other guardians of current morality begin busting up TV sets, rest assured the stark naked Marilyn and her new series will be limited to cable TV and, subsequently video casettes. Each of the 13 hour-long shows will feature at least seven or eight minutes of overt love-making, including specific sex scenes. Executive producer Josef Shaftel proudly says the explicit sex shots go as far as cable standards allow.

In Marilyn's case, the standards leave little to the pornoqueen.

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What 'Love Ya' Florence Nightingale' amounts pornoqueen is a soap opera without the concealing soap suds. Marilyn's charms are fully revealed only after the sexy jokes, bawdy language, double entendres, teases and other folderol have viewers salivating hairy ru girl more.

Marilyn plays a sex surrogate in a sex therapy center where people with sexual dysfunction and other problems seek aid and sometimes comfort. It's Marilyn's job to restore their interest in and capacity for sex.

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The series represents a crossover in Marilyn's career. It is, in fact, something of a progressive step upward from her hard-core porno films.


It also represents an opportunity to reach a more diversified audience.