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Sign in. Despite all the trouble he caused for Steven.

The Cable Guy continues to deviously stalk people in the pursuit of finding lesbinnes nude best friend and The Cable Guy is beyond redemption. Edit Coming Soon. It was part of Chip's plot to get revenge on Steven for rejecting him and he decided to humiliate Steven in front of Robyn and his family by playing the adult version of Password and manipulating Steven's family and Robyn into thinking Steven is the bad guy and not believing Steven about Chip and Chip's true intentions.


It's never confirmed or revealed in the movie that Chip murdered Stan Sweet and if he framed Sam Sweet pornopassword the crime. There were two scenes in the film that hinted on pornopassword.

When Chip is installing Steven's cable, pornopassword comes across the news story of the trial which Chip says "I hope they fry this bastard. It's theorized Sam was one of Chip's costumers whom Chip stalked and was a fan of Double Trouble and was rejected him.

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Chip may had killed Stan and framed Sam for the crime and made the call impersonating Sam and we never know pornopassword Chip was directly responsible for the death of Stan Sweet. In order to obtain a BBFC 12 rating, this Jim Carrey movie has been censored for about 4 seconds and a head-butt has been removed.