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Pomeranian anal glands

How to Empty Your Dog’s Anal Sacs - dummies

Dogs have an extremely good sense of smell, and they use it to interpret their surroundings. Your Pom stores his or her unique smell inside of the anal glands. But, sometimes the anal glands can get pomeranian up. In these cases, expressing your Pomeranians anal glands is a good idea for everyone involved.

Expressing Your Pomeranians Anal Glands

Like other dogs, Pomeranians are able to distribute this unique scent with each bowel movement is how wild dogs marked their territories. For domestic dogs, of course, this is no longer anal.

Still, ideally the pups let out a bit of their scent with each stool. If not, the anal glands get backed up.

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This is especially likely if your Pom consistently has extra soft stool, which prevents the glands from successfully releasing fluids at regular intervals. Firm stool will massage glands empty the glands.