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Prepare for the chapter, for it's finally here. I made sure to fill it up with laughter, with signs of beautiful cheers.

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To protect the Oh wait, I'd better stop. Otherwise it could be copyright infringement. Anyways, I finally have the chapter up.

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I know, it was longer than anticipated, again, but hopefully you'll like it. And I hope to continue on, without procrastination. Then again, Fallout 4 is coming out soon.

NSFW: Someone has given Pokemon human penises and the internet really just needs to stop

But I'll try to hurry before then. It seems that Ash and Serena have decided to go to his own mothers bathroom to get 'cleaned up' after another round of lovemaking. He tried to say no, but Serena's seduction skills, combined with her beauty, was too much for him to bare.

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Natalya amateur, she may have teased him too much.