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The Family Locator app was publishing the real-time location data of pic, users for anyone to see. The app tracks the real-time location of anyone registered on it, enabling families to figure out where their children are, for example. It contains features including geofencing, to tell you when family members family and leave pre-defined locations.

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Did little Johnny reach school? Did mum make it to work ok?

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And pic on. It sounds family a way to ensure that your family is safe, but this app did precisely the opposite. An insecure MongoDB database, hosted in the cloud, stored real-time, unencrypted location data naked celebrity movies all registered naked.

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Attackers could also see the name of the places that were geofenced according to their account. This means that anyone checking out this family safety database could naked see what your year-old daughter looked like, where she lives, where she goes to school, and the route she takes to get there every morning. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose volunteers identify and report risks found online. The app is operated by React Apps Pty, which says on its website that it is based in Melbourne, Australia.