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He allegedly pretended to be teen girls on Facebook in order to lure boys to send exploitative images and perform sex acts online.

Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding

Sex year-old Hamilton man allegedly went on to blackmail the teenagers, threatening to make the images public if the teen didn't do what he wanted. The man was due to appear in Hamilton District Court on Friday on charges of blackmail, sexual conduct with persons aged under 16 and attempted sexual conduct with persons aged under The man's threats traumatised the victims.

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It's extremely difficult to permanently delete something from the internet, so think very carefully about the information and images you share of yourself online before posting. All details about the victims are permanently suppressed.

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They believed throughout the communications they were interacting with teenage girls. In one case, the man told a year-old deaxuma bikini he phillipa a year-old girl living in Phillipa.

'Catfisher' who duped teens into sex acts died before court revealed his identity

During the Skype calls, the offender coaxed the teen into masturbating. He told the teen if he got naked, "she" would, too.

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The 14 year old refused and became suspicious and blocked the defendant. But the man sex began contacting the teen on Messenger, saying teen had naked photographs of him. The man then began messaging the teenager's Facebook friends saying he had naked images of the teen.

Steps to keep kids safe: