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Penis adult

Adult acquired buried penis represents the clinical manifestation of a wide spectrum of pathology due to a variety of etiologies.

Evaluation and management of adult acquired buried penis

Buried penis can be associated with poor cosmesis and hygiene, voiding dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. Evaluation and management adult buried penis largely depends on etiology and degree of affected tissue. It is an increasingly common problem seen by reconstructive urologists and here we present several frequently seen scenarios of buried penis adult management options.

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Due to reduced visible and functional length of phallus, this condition is often associated with patient dissatisfaction related to cosmetic, hygienic, voiding, and sexual dysfunction. Subsequent phimosis can lead to spraying, dribbling, urinary soilage, and skin breakdown.

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Often times, the meatus is not visible and can mask undiagnosed urethral disease related to lichen sclerosis LS also known as balanitis penis obliterans BXO. Additionally, a buried chavteenporn penis limits penetrative sexual intercourse.

In some series, clinical depression has been noted in a majority of patients preoperatively 1. While weight loss may improve some symptoms for those who have a buried penis related to obesity, many men have significant remaining prepubic fat deposition along with ptosis of the prepubic fat pad, or escutcheon, that would benefit from surgical repair 2.

Additionally, severe scrotal lymphedema and landry bender fakes adult often result in buried penis with a severe deficiency of normal scrotal skin to use for reconstruction. Overall, acquired buried penis in adults has become an increasingly common problem seen by reconstructive urologists.