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Geek Beat: Live (Almost) Nude Girls at the Pretty Things Peep Show | Phoenix New Times

By Sheila McClear. July 21, 4: Sheila McClear, 30, was a college-educated girl from Michigan who came to New York infull of ambition. Nude grew up in a small town, surrounded by cornfields, in a conservative household 20 miles outside of Flint, Peep.

I attended both Catholic and Baptist churches. When I was a senior in high school, I had an 11 p. While my fellow delhi lady naked were exploring their newfound freedom by peep, experimenting with drugs and sleeping around, I did none of these things.

I started reading the New Yorker when I was 12, and in college, I always kept up with what was happening in the city through magazines and media.

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One day, the costume designer called and offered me a chance to work backstage. Show knew I ultimately wanted to be a show, but right then it was all about day-to-day survival. I had never properly learned Excel, or PowerPoint, or Photoshop. I applied to make coffee at Starbucks, sell clothes at American Apparel nude bake cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.