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Paulie nude

The 18th insufferable yet addictive season of Big Brother has just started, and while there has yet to be any full frontal nudity from any of the eight male houseguests, paulie has been plenty of shirtlessness, butt shots, cock bulges, and overall hotness.

Veronica takes a shot at Paulie’s junk, Cara fires back

Like his brother and like a majority of people recruited to be on the showPaulie is a male model who has posed partially nude and showed off what appears to be an ample-sized cock inside of some very tight underwear:. Paulie and gaylebrity Ryan Carrillo did a naked jockstrap photo shoot, because why not:. Victor is a physical threat in the house, having won the first competition of the summer by wrapping his legs around a phallic nude while white liquid was squirted all over him:.

Jon Snow who?

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If they go full frontal, however, this post will be updated. Both Paulie and Victor are safe from eviction this week. Nope so long as the 8-pack is still cooperating with each other. Just not on national tv though, right?

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Victor may have the hottest body in the house, but as far as hotter? I have to give the hottest guy in the house paulie Paulie this season!

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Even Jozea is pretty hot too, probably the hottest gay guy nude on Big Brother. And we all knew what to expect from Corey, aka Aryan 2. Pussy pumping clips can be both a hot piece of ass and an awful piece of shit of a person. Plenty of pornstars fit that profile, like Vadim Black.