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Paris sex extreme

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Pensioner died of heart attack at wheel of car after "extreme" sex with prostitute

Old Ladies Extreme: Arsch-Grotten starts off with a group of 4 mature women 50 plus sitting around in a mansion-type house playing bridge or something. There is extreme porn shoot going in one of the rooms and Eve Delage leaves the game for a naked vip rooms to check up on it.

When she comes back the rest of them go up, one by one, to have a peek at paris sex. Thoroughly impressed by it they beg Eve to tell them how it all came about. We go into a flashback in which Eve interviews the photographer, gets friendly with him and shags him. What is notable about this scene are the multiple vaginal piercings Eve has and the fact that sex go straight to hard anal, bypassing plain vaginal sex altogether.

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The photographer, paris a rest, interrupts the story only to have Sandra Wicked and Marie Therese pounce on him. A great scene of extreme sex, anal and fisting follows.

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Meanwhile, Christine Gonod goes upstairs and meets two of sex male actors. She is wearing the coolest see-through black top and goes straight to hard young nude anal and then onto DP.

Once she is done, Fanny, the model, enters the room when Christine is in her post-DP euphoria and fists her.

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The next morning Sandra meets one of the actors and gets a hard anal while Marie Therese watches, masturbating.