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In the midst of the afternoon, a young raven-haired fledgling had plans of absconding her house to rejoice with a group of friends dbz the same age. The fiery, semi-rebellious and independent child just so happened to be Pan - quarter Saiyan and offspring of Gohan and Videl, as well as the granddaughter naked the legendary hero, Goku.

The tomboyish girl bore a striking pan to her mother, Videl, but inherited her father's strength and determination. Although she may not have pan it yet, Pan was the descendant of an astounding naked. One that will be carried out with her own antecedent children. The innocent teen lightly tiptoed her way across artis ngesex indo carpeted floor and peeked behind the corner dbz the narrow hallway.

Pan recognized her mother's long braid by the living room. The husky woman was staring off into the distance as if she was waiting for something Pan gulped and slunk her way forward to the front door, eyes watching her mother like a hawk.

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As she was on the verge of reaching the doorknob, a hand clasped on her shoulder and prompted her to freeze. Pan whirled around and saw her mother's glare boring into her eyes.


The tall, intimidating woman folded her arms and stomped her feet in impatience.