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Octopus sex scene

Manuel on Buffoonery posts this interesting series amazon teen girls octopus to tako pr0n.

Tentacle erotica

Whybark got me going on Japanese octopus porn with this tip: Toshio Saeki 's Octo-girl takes the classic tentacle porn for a spin. A B-movie was made about Hokusai's life called Edo Porn. Here are images from the bizarre octopus sex scene. Check out the eyes on that thing--just like the painting!

touching nylon legs

What's up with the Japanese obsession with octopus sex? I'm still looking into it. Check the comments for the definitive guide. I did find this one strange story on Dr. Kilmarnock's Obscure World of Victorian Erotica: Tentacles of Scene The Man who Loved Cephalapods. Look at that old sex

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