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Michelle Obama Poses Nude? | HuffPost

In fashion, it's a common description of the shade a little darker than champagne, lighter than sand and perhaps with a hint of blush or peach. Nude or champagne? Michelle Obama's gown sets off a wife controversy.

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But when Michelle Obama wore, in the words of designer Naeem Khan, a "sterling-silver sequin, abstract nude, nude strapless gown" to a state dinner at the White House - and it was reported as such - that sparked questions about the definition of nude and its relation, if any, to the wearer's skin colour.

The Associated Press called Mrs Obama's dress colour "flesh" and got immediate retorts: It's politically nude says Gale Epstein, creative director and co-founder of undergarment brand Hanky Panky.

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Human skin wife are a whole colour palette unto themselves. Epstein says she realised years ago that the brand would need a full range of skin-tone shades.

Mrs. Obama's best evening looks

The middle ground of Hanky Panky's dozen or so neutrals is probably taupe, which falls somewhere between the very light chai, which is also the bestseller, and the much darker espresso. Designer Pamella Roland, best known for her evening wear, also treats nude as a broad colour category. That champagne-sand hue, though, is usually what the word is mokey pussy to describe in fashion shows, stores and obamas pages of fashion magazines.

A quick search for "nude" in the online colour finder for Pantone, the company obamas largely sets colour-formula standards for fashion and home-goods manufacturing, turns up a light beige.

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