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Sometimes, I like to be naked.

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Not all the time, but every now and again I get a craving. I even wore it in the hot tub bikinis are boring. Being starkers around so many people was unchartered territory, and the thought of it made me nervous AF.

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They suggested we all go together, and at that point, my brain really went into overdrive. See, anonymous nudity probably would have been fine. But, nudity around three new male friends did not feel fine; especially since one of them was a super-fit French man, oaxaca the thought of him seeing my doughy ass in the bright Mexican sunshine made digimon porno xxx feel a naked sick.

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But despite my fears, off we went, and off came our clothes as soon as we got to the beach. But, as we drank beers and watched the sun go down, I found myself constantly worrying about my body and wishing that it was more beach babe than beached whale.

We stripped off and I quickly flattened my body against my towel as I was still feeling super shy about being unclothed in front of my girls.